Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jiro Waku came back

It's a long time I don't write here due to school and other... Anyway today I'm back after about one month to talk about something that happened and made me the happiest person in this world.
As a WANDS fan knows, Jiro Waku, the second vocalist of the band that took Show's place in the third period, had left the music world since a long time.
But, on March 28th he made his return at Issei Ambo (Issei Sugimoto)'s live session.
Issei said that there would have been a secret guest vocalist but maybe not all espected it. I admit I had always believed it was him but I didn't express any opinion about it because I was afraid to know that it wasn't him and then be disappointed.
Many photo have been posted on Issei's blog and this video has been uploaded and I finally could hear Jiro's voice live.
When I recognize that in this photo there was him I started to cry out in joy because my dream came true. Then, the other photos on Issei's blog were fantastic, and Jiro looked so cool!
The thing that surprised me is the piece of song that Jiro sang in the video which says these words:
"Boku ga boku de aru tame ni kachitsuzukenakya naranai
It means:
"I have to keep winning so I can be myself"
I don't know if it's only a coincidence but it suits perfectly with him. 
It made me think about his situation: he has to win all the difficulties of the music world but at the end he will be able to be himself: a singer.
Doesn't it suit perfectly to him? Well, I hope it can be like this, I really hope that.
Jiro, I'll wait for you.