Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pack from Japan arrived! (3)

Hello everybody! ☆
I'm finally back after almost three months! I'm very sorry for not having updated my blog recently, but school is getting very difficoult (I've started the fourth year of High School, the second-last one! So next year I will probably be even more busy because I'll have to prepare the final exams!) and I haven't got much free time.
Do you know? I haven't been listening to WANDS since the last days of August! I know, it sounds impossible but it's true, I don't even have time to listen to music! When I have some free time I'd rather stay with my best friend, drawing or just relax in bed, ahahah!
Anyway, about two months ago my Japanese friend Komarin sent me another pack with lots of beautiful things! Of course she also sent me a special surprise of WANDS! Yes, you know what? Well, just look at the photos!

Yes, it's the 15th volume of WANDER-LAND, the official magazine of the fanclub! ❤ And... did you see the autographs? Waaa, I just love this! ~ ❤ Now I just have to find someone who can translate all these things... I'm so curious! I remember I was almost dying when I saw it! Ahahah!
I don't really undestand what is the last paper about, maybe it's just a newsletter.
Then, other things I can show you of all the things that my friend sent me?... Oh, yes, she also sent me a double poster of T.M.Revolution! So beautiful! ❤ Of course I immediately hung it on the wall of my bedroom! Can you guess what is the side I've chosen?

Yes, of course the first one! But the choice was very difficoult because I loved both sides! Maybe I've chosen the first one because it's a close-up to Takanori's face! Ahahah!

Well, I think that it's enough for today... I've shown you Komarin's last gifts about WANDS and T.M.Revolution (but she sent me lots of other things too! She's so kind! ❤)
I'll make sure to come back soon because I want to write lots of other things here. I hope you enjoyed this new post full of WANDSISH things!
See you soon! ☆