Thursday, March 17, 2011

B'z - PRAY

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Expressing all my words of regret for Japan, I feel that I have to do something for them, for that country I've always love and respect for the beauty of the cities and the wonderful people who live there.
I'm not one of those people who express sad feelings to others, but this time the feelings where too much strong to repress them inside of me. As I'm a sensitive girl, the images of a destroy country and suffering people made me cry and wanted to help someway. Of course I couldn't do anything of big, but in my little possibilities I wanted to support them.
So, I started to look for information, and, of course, to pray. Even if I said that I don't express feelings to others, I started to show to every people around me that I'm following, with all my soul, a cause. As a matter or fact I put on my Twitter avatar the twibbon "PRAY FOR JAPAN", I put on my school back-pack a piece of cloth with the same sentence and I created a bracelet with "JAPAN" written on it.

I know, all these things don't give them any material help but I wanted to show all my moral support because this is one of the only things I can do.
Second, I've found the number of SMS to donate via cellphone at the Italian Red Cross which is supposed to give all the money raised to Japan. I still have to send the SMS but I will surely do it.
Finally I want to dedicate this B'z song to all the Japanese people. I find it very beautiful in the meaning and the perfect part for this situation is:

"We're connected together over this one vast land
What kind of tears, what kind of joyful voices
If you prick up your ears, than maybe you could hear them
Even today, somewhere, someone is praying for someone else's sake"

I'm one of those people who is praying for you, Japan! Be strong! 

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