Friday, July 8, 2011

Issei Sugimoto - With My Best Wishes

...With all my surprise, someone uploaded this wonderful song written by Issei Ambo (Issei Sugimoto) which is also one of my favourite songs since 2009. Since that night (yes, it was a night of January I think) it became my favourite piece of music played entirely with guitars.
It was published in 1997 in a compilation album called "Guitar Monster Vol.2"
It's difficult to write about how it felt the first time I heard it, but it was surely a shock: I didn't expect such a WONDERFUL song from Issei. But, don't misunderstand: I don't want to say that Issei isn't able to write songs like these; I meant that I couldn't believe in my ears that someone could create such perfect music.
I've never been able to express in words the beauty of this melody and the feelings that aroused in my heart, but this time I want to try my best to do it.
The first time I heard it I felt like my heart could burst, and this "pain" gave me the feeling that I could cry (and that's what I did). It was like a concentration of various good feelings that a body can't actually sustain. At the same time it gave me the feeling of nostalgia, and I strangely could see in my mind the picture of Issei playing that song while sitting on a sofa and smiling to his guitar. I know, it seems a bit strange but this is what it felt like.
I remember that Issei uploaded some photos of his copy of the compilation album some months ago... Let's see if I can still find them [...] Yes! Found them! HEREHERE ! Wonderful ❤
Ah! Another thing! He played "With My Best Wishes" at his live session on March 28th 2011 (Yes, the one with Jiro): you can't even imagine how much I was envious of all the people who were there listening to his live performance! (And yes, of course I was envious for Jiro Waku's performance above all!)
Well, here I've finished. I hope you'll like this song and, if you are a fan of the 3rd Period of WANDS, you'll understand my feelings and you will maybe prove them too!
See ya ☆

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