Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pack from Japan arrived! (2)

Hello guys!
Today I'm back with a new blog post that I should have written some days ago... but I have to feel in a good mood to write on the blog so, sorry!
Anyway, like the title of the post says, my friend Komarin sent me another pack (Yes, she's so kind with me!!!) and it arrived after about one month. (She sent it on May 23rd and it arrived on June 22nd)
This time too, she sent me a very nice newsletter of the 3rd period of WANDS that she didn't like! But for me it's a precious good of the fanclub! (Happy me! ~ ♥ ) And of course she sent me also a lot of beautiful things, I'm so moved! ~ ♥
So, here the photos:

The official envelope with still the logo of the 2nd period ^^" I suppose it is one of the first newsletters of the 3rd Period

This is the newsletter! It seems to be a presentation of the new band's composition: in fact, on the right there are (probably) the biography of each members and on the left there is (again, probably) a letter written by Shinya Kimura, maybe to let all the fans know about the changes into the band.

I think I will ask my father's colleague's wife who is Japanese to translate the two newsletters... I hope she will accept because those two newsletters could be useful for me to understand more things about the 3rd Period which still has, unfortunately, many mysteries for me.
If I'll be able to have the translations I'll surely write them here in the blog.

Anyway, I have another thing to talk you about, but today is already too late, so I'll write about it another day, ok?
Now I want to say thank angain my friend Komarin! Thank you!!!

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